Top Reasons to Choose Linux over Any OS

Top Reasons to Choose Linux over Any OS

There are many operating systems in the world and Linux has always been preferred to choose over any of the windows but in a specific scenario. There is nothing like that this OS is somewhat extra and you are going to get some same features as windows. But the game that changes in Linux is that this OS can help you with so many things, and it is the easiest most OS ever. We are here to tell you many such benefits about Linux. So let us get started with this guide –

What is Linux?

Linux is an OS just like any other Operating system with many benefits of using the Linux.

The Linux is totally developer friendly which means unlike Windows; this OS is an open source which lets you edit all the things within it. Linux is not for people that are not familiar with coding otherwise it works just like a normal OS. The best thing about Linux is that it is free and it is the actual freedom which lets you change it the way you want to.

What is the use of Linux?

If you want something outside the box in computers, then the only things that you need is a Linux OS.

This very OS is a great thing to have, and you can get some amazing uses of this that will blow your mind. So the things that can be helpful are as follows –

  • Linux can be easily used to troubleshoot any OS on any type of system. This is the best thing about Linux and takes a system that won’t boot for instances, and you can access the hard drive with the help of Linux OS.
  • Linux is the friendliest OS that can help you with so many things. You can make up websites and act as a host for them on Linux, and Linux OS runs even the websites that you use.
  • Linux is used all around your appliances and things. It helps you to run everything from your TV remote to your washing machine. These things run on Linux, and it helps you to run all the operation on the computers all around us.

Advantages of Linux

  • There is no need to use the Linux with the OS installed on your hard drive. You can access it easily with the help of a USB or a CD/DVD that will give you a comprehensive view of Linux. However, if you want to, then you can do that easily as it will never interrupt your win/ hard drive.
  • Well, Windows comes with a price tag, but it is not like that in Linux. You can use it for free and make your desired changes to make it look as just you want it.
  • You can make the suitable changes anywhere on the go in Linux, and it can easily help you to troubleshoot problems associated with anything. It connects software and hardware, and a developer is free to do anything.